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Use the Resonance app to experience the power of sound frequencies and cleanse your body with invigorating vibrations
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Sound therapy is one of the most pleasant and comfortable healing methods. It draws on ancient teachings that reveal the divine essence of sound and its role in all aspects of human existence: health, mental balance, and harmony with the surrounding space.

Do you want to benefit from these teachings? Try the Resonance app now! The app generates sound waves that will help you feel good.
The Benefits of Sound Meditation for Physical and Mental Health
Listening to audio frequencies has been scientifically proven to help relieve tension and increase productivity
Physical Health
  • Pain relief
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Relieving chronic fatigue
  • Restoration of hormonal balance
  • Elimination of headaches and other types of pain
Mental Health
  • Quieting the mind
  • Increasing motivation and concentration
  • Diminishing anxiety
  • Relief & relaxation
  • Mood improvement
** mobile application based an research by the British Sound Wave Laboratory.
British Research + Japanese Technology
Revolutionising healthy lifestyle solutions
Each sound has five frequencies in the range from 20 to 20000 hertz. Choose from multiple sounds, adjust the playback time, and create playlists with sounds of different durations. The generated sounds will have a positive effect on your health in general and on each organ in particular.

You can choose between an advanced and simple version of the application. The choice is yours!

In the advanced version, you will get access to all sounds divided into categories and courses.
How to Use It?
Who Is It For?
Are you tired of thoughts running through your head? It's time to relax. Our application is ideal for you if you want to achieve a yoga effect without physical effort.

Did your morning routine become mindless and dull?
More than 3000 users are with us!
Access to the application by subscription 24/7
Access to our salons on weekdays during working hours
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You wake up, check your phone, get out of bed, have breakfast, take a shower, and check Instagram for a third time? Maybe it is t time to get into a more conscious state and begin the day with audio frequency treatments instead.
Start and Finish Your Day On a Good Frequency
Turn on sound therapy and listen to many different sounds. Music is pleasant and enjoyable, but the ultimate beauty lies in the pure sound. Pure sound is like a blank canvas – it empties your mind and lets you feel what you need, producing a healing effect on your mind and body.
The app is available for phones and tablets using the Android operating system
Tariff Plans
Attend sound therapy sessions in special salons and pay for the time that you spend there.
Do sound therapy sessions in your own home with no time limits. Just set up the app and meditate. With a subscription, you can get access to the advanced version of the application.
Health & Beauty
Take care of your health and beauty without leaving your home. Get a subscription for any period and practice sound therapy at any time with no limits.
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